Top 3 Best Sellers: 

1. BIG HIT CBD Cannabis Vape Pen

500mg of full spectrum hemp extract (50% CBD x CBG) in a powerful little electronic device.

Why is this a best seller? 

It tastes like cannabis (a little more like hash). 

It hits like cannabis with a powerful punch on inhale. 

At 50% CBD and CBG, the Big Hit is the strongest dose of CBD you can buy in a CBD or Cannabis vape. While super charged with cannabinoids, Big Hit has no THC and therefore has no psychoactive impact and does not get you high. Big Hit CBD Vape Pen is safe to vape during the day and maintain your normal routine. 

2. Dr Watson Artisanal CBD Hemp Gummies

100% Natural gummy sweets with 25mg broad spectrum hemp extract.

These gummies are not only packed with enough CBD to last you a day, but they are also delicious and 100% natural. Made with real fruit ingredients and natural sugars and flavours they are as healthy as a sweet can be. 

At only £19.99 per tin of 12 these gummies are not only some of the strongest you can buy, but also the most affordable. 


3. Mid Strength 1000mg Broad Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil

This broad spectrum oral CBD hemp oil has all the benefits of the plant and is fully legal and compliant. It will not show up on a drugs test because it contains only legal cannabinoids such as CBD and CBG. 

Why is this a best seller? 

It is strong and affordable. One bottle will last approximately 1 month depending on how much you use it. For those who use CBD daily, one bottle of Dr Watson CBD hemp oil will last between 2 to 4 weeks. 

It tastes great and is 100% natural ingredients: organically farmed hemp extract and coconut oil. 


The very best of Dr Watson CBD products for sale online

Dr Watson sources hemp from small-scale organic US hemp farms that meet the cultivation specifications of Dr Richard Watson.  Organic hemp is then processed by our GMP-certified lab partner facility in North Carolina, Abundant Labs LLC.