Dr Richard Watson is a New Zealand-born American biotechnology scientist and agricultural researcher who has spent the last 20 years researching, developing, and operating sustainable agricultural methods in the Georgia Coastal Plain, USA, where he owns over 4000 acres of irrigated farmland and oversees the cultivation of several crops, including Cannabis Sativa L. / Industrial Hemp.

Richard works closely with the USA state and federal regulators, and has directed research programs at leading US universities, including the University of Georgia.

Specialising in grass science he is the only farmer in the USA producing “certified humane” dairy products and pioneered the grass fed 365 dairy model in the US.

DR WATSON, the brand and the scientist, believe in setting the standard when it comes to sustainable agriculture and product quality  


Why CBD? - Dr Richard Watson PhD

"For the span of human history people have not only used plants to derive basic nutrients but have also used them in various ways to treat, prevent, and alleviate symptoms of many common diseases and ailments. As science has advanced our ability to identify the underlying agents of these benefits, plant-based medicine has evolved into a multi-billion dollar industry.

Many of these compounds and the plants that produce them have often been restricted in their use, or made illegal given their potency and psychotropic properties. Cannabis Sativa is probably the most ubiquitous of these. The unintended, and unfortunate consequences of making this plant illegal was that the wide range of highly beneficial compounds produced by it were excluded from human consumption because of their association with the psychotropic THC.

Of the many other cannabinoids present in Cannabis, cannabidiol or CBD, has created the most interest from a pharmaceutical and human health perspective. With Cannabis and its products becoming legal again in many countries and states within the USA, we can once again begin to explore and benefit from its ability to support human health and nutrition."

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Why Dr Richard Watson got into CBD & Hemp

Dr Watson Cannabis is founded with a team of passionate people who genuinely believe in the power of cannabis to help people in all walks of life to improve general lifestyle and quality of living. Many people associate Cannabis and interchangeably use the term with Marijuana - the recreational plant that people use to get "high". But let us tell you that that would be wrong!

Cannabis Sativa L is the parents plant of Marijuana and Hemp, Marijuana is the plant that contains higher levels of THC which is used recreationally, Hemp is the version of the plant which does not contain high levels of THC. But you can extract CBD from both of these - These is one of the many noteworthy cannabis compounds we use in our products!

Although hemp has been around for thousands of years, it has always been associated with "that drug that gets you high", we want to remove that stigma surrounding cannabis and show the world just how versatile Hemp really is.


The Extreme Diversity of Hemp

While buying cannabis oil has become the trendy thing to do and is what is catching the headlines, there are actually so many phenomenal ways in which we can use hemp in industry. Hemp Paper, Hemp plastic, Hemp Clothing, Soap, Rope, Fiber, Hemp Milk, Canvas, Carpet, Mulch, and even Hempcrete! Thats right there are now companies making concrete but literally made from hemp.

It is easily one of the most diverse plants out there and we have only scratched the surface on how much we use it. We believe hemp is the future, not only is it extremely diverse, but it is very environmentally friendly. It requires very little attention, water, pesticides etc to grow, and takes out more Carbon Dioxide out of the air than most plants. It is also 100% biodegradable. So you know if you are buying a product made from Hemp, then you are supporting an environmentally responsible product / company. Please Read our Blog Regarding some of the uses of hemp here 

Dr Watson Full Spectrum CBD x CBG Hemp Oil | Natural | Organic| Authentic


What is Dr Watson Cannabis?

DR WATSON is a global hemp and CBD company and the exclusive producer of DR WATSON CBD products.

We exist to be the most trusted and respected cannabis brand in the world. Working with Chief Scientist Dr Richard Watson PhD at DR WATSON we have developed the highest quality CBD products you can buy online and in retail outlets. This is reflected highly in flavour, effectiveness and production techniques used when making our entire range of products. 



How Is Dr Watson the most trusted?

Because how many other brands are endorsed by a PhD scientist who specialises in sustainable agricultural methods & farms hemp, as well as mandates and signs off on all production materials. Dr Watson CBD supplements are unique in this aspect, we are backed by science and made with nature.

On top of this, we have nothing to hide. Many other brands that claim superior products have actually been shown to have minimal or no CBD content in them, they are conning their consumers into spending their money for a poor product. At Dr Watson we have all of our batches for every product lab tested and available for public viewing on our Lab Certificates page on our website.

To buy CBD Oil Online can be confusing with so much choice, but with us you can trust what you buy, and know your are officially getting your monies worth. 

Why are they the highest Quality products?

This comes down to a few simple reasons. All of our Raw CBD Isolate and Broad Spectrum Hemp extract are farmed organically in the US and Switzerland, and extracted from the plant in GMP certified facilities. These are all signed off by Dr Richard Watson to ensure these facilities meet our production mandates. 

Any additional flavours and terpenes are all food grade ingredients sourced from certified European suppliers. Whether they are flavoured in our CBD Hemp Gummies or our award winning CBD Eliquids, you can rest assured you're consuming the highest quality ingredients and tasting superior flavours.

All of our final products are blended and manufactured in pharmaceutical grade facilities so you know that our product are trustworthy, superior and made to a specific recipe each time.

Where and why are Dr Watson products Made?

All of our final products are produced and made in the UK & Switzerland, a symbol of efficiancy and quality that allows consumers to buy with confidence from us. We work to make high quality hemp and CBD products accessible to all, high quality at affordable prices.

Our Mission:

"Our mission is not to just raise the standard for the industry, but to set it - by being the world leader in quality, consistency and traceability from seed to shelf."


Our Core Values:

Trust - When you use Dr Watson Cannabis products buying with confidence is what matters, you need to feel comfortable and have confidence in the product you use. So we do what we can to make this possible

Transparency - If you don't have answers to your questions and queries from our site. We are an open book so if you have a questions that needs answering, we will answer it. You can always contact us at

Traceability - We are open about where all of our raw ingredients and materials come from around the world to make each and every final product, you can trace from the final product back to the first seed in the ground as to where each of the ingredients came from, so you know what you are putting in your body and where it comes from

All of our core values translate to confidence, if you feel confident in what you buy  what you are using, the happier you will be.
Following Dr Richard Watson’s stringent specifications, all of our materials and products are manufactured in facilities with ISO accreditations / GMP certification. And we only ever use the highest quality ingredients, from our GMP-certified CBD to our Swiss made 100% vegan luxe facial cream. While we are driven to exceed expectations on quality standards, we also care about the environment and contribute to sustainability.